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 Gen Z, smartphones, consumer confidence: 5 interesting stats to start your week

Mobile web traffic rises 16%

Almost two-thirds (64%) of web traffic for brands came from smartphones in 2020, a 16% increase from 2019 as smartphone use accelerates among consumers.

The analysis of 20 billion web sessions shows consumers browsing luxury shopping chose mobile devices as their preferred browsing method, with 76% of hits originating from mobile. The beauty (72%) and apparel (70%) industries followed, with nearly three-quarters all online visits on mobile.

Despite the increase, research shows 49% of mobile users bounce after viewing just one page.

For financial services and B2B industries, visitors preferred website access on work computers and large screens to complete transactions.

Mobile app use surged last year with mobile app screen views up by 202%. Time spent on mobile apps peaked at the start of the pandemic in March when session times increased 91%.


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